Zina App

Zina App
On-demand Car Wash Service App



Zina is an on-demand car wash app that reduces the hassle of the regular car washing process. With Zina, you can get your car washed from anywhere in Sudan and avoid the hassle of long queues at your nearest service center. All you need to do is just enter details of your car, address, and payment details. A Washer will come at your convenient time and place to wash your car. All washers are well-trained professionals who handle imported eco-friendly water, fewer products to make your car gleam and shine! Users can even schedule the car wash of three types – now, later, and decorate. Zina Decoration is like if a user wants to decorate his/her car for any function, it will be the same as Zina’s later schedule wash will be booked. Also, users can give reviews and ratings to washers. Be a part of the car wash revolution and schedule your appointment for a car wash with Zina.


 Our client believes that the crowded, unorganized car wash segment needs a drastic shift. After getting fed up waiting in the long line-ups, they gave up to get a clean car wash. Hence, they came up with an idea to solve all these issues by taking matters into their own hands. Many people wanted to decorate their cars for some function, but they could not find a proper one. And for that, our client approached Ndiema Infotech to build an app that connects customers and service providers to avail the best car wash services within the nearest proximity. The app is developed for Android and iOS platforms and the Sudan people only






Download an app for register



Choose the services which you want



Confirm the order and pay via cash.



A Zina washer arrives at your location and washes or decorates your car.


Zina – For Customer


  • Sign up with the necessary details. Users can log in using a mobile number or Google/Facebook.

Enter Car Detail

  • Users can add their car details like brand, model, color, car number, and image.

Book Car Wash

    • After filling relevant details, users can book their first car washed within a few taps.
    • Users can add home and work address from the home screen.
    • Users have the following choices to book their car washer.

1) Zina Now

    • Add a description for your car like name, model, color, etc.
    • After filling all the information, you will get confirm booking page with a full charge.
    • After completing the following steps, your request will send to the washer.

2) Zina Later

    • Users can select a particular time and date for car wash, and based on their schedule, before 1 hour, an app will assign a washer for that service.

3) Zina Decorate

  • Zina Decoration is like the user wants to decorate his/her car for any function, and it will be the same as Zina later schedule wash will be booked.


  • Users can view the nearest washers based on location on the map.


  • Users can track washer using google map with ETA(Estimated time to arrive).
  • Users can also show the washer’s name, image, and rating at the time of tracking.

Change Washer & Cancel wash

  • Users can change the washer or cancel wash before start wash.


  • Users can pay through cash only.


User will be notified in the below scenario:

  • When the washer accept wash request.
  • When the washer will start a wash.
  • The washer will complete the wash.
  • When no washer found for the wash request.

Zina Washer – For Washers


  • Sign up with the necessary details. Users can log in using a mobile number or Google/Facebook.

Upload Details

  • Washers need to upload their License document.

Order Request

  • Washer sees all his upcoming orders with all details like user name, location, which services he selected, payment method and order ID, and total charge.
  • Washers can accept or reject any particular order.

Upload Before & After Wash Photos

  • Washers can upload car photos before and after completion of the car wash process.


  • Users can view and update their profile information like a profile picture, name, email, and driving license.


User will be notified for the below scenarios:

  • When the user changes the order, then the washer will be notified.
  • When any user cancels an order.

Order History

  • Washers can see the details like booking date, booking time, price, etc.
  • Future and past orders
  • A washer can see their transactions, date and time of transaction.


  • Washers can set their availability time through online/offline process.


Customer Management:

  • View/Edit/Delete customers details
  • Active/Inactive customers

Washer Management:

  • Add and delete washer details
  • View and edit washer details
  • Active/Inactive service providers
  • Approve/Disapprove washer

Subscription Plan Management

  • Add/Edit/Delete plan
  • Active/Inactive plan

Order Requests

  • View waiting, rejected, canceled, pending, and finished order request.
  • Search by date and booking status and also generate an excel sheet of data.
on demand car wash service
on demand car wash service

Transaction management:

  • Manage a history of washer wallet.

Settings management:

  • Change the distance and the company charge.

Wallet Section Management:

  • Admin can add money to washer’s wallet.

Car Management:

  • Add car brand and model.
  • Delete car brand and model.



 To Manage Accurate Address Generally, we will use the geocoding API when we need a complete geocoding address. But, in the current scenario, we required an address with the place name, which was quite tricky and challenging for us. We managed this situation by implementing custom logic for getting an address from GooglePlaceAPI.



Android OS Support: Android 5.0 to 9.0

Kotlin using Android Studio 3.5


iOS Support:
iOS Os 10.0 and Above

Swift Using Xcode


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