For the projects industry, achieving ‘on-time delivery’ is a highly sought after scenario. Missed deliveries have a direct impact on cash reserves. A late milestone leads to a late invoice, which in turn leads to a blocked cash flow. Maintaining adequate cash reserves and liquidity is a critical business need for this industry. With an integrated finance and project tracking and planning module in place, organizations can have real time inputs on ground realities so as to avoid unnecessary surprises during execution.

At Godrech, we have a dedicated team focused on providing business and technology solutions for the projects, construction, oil & gas and real estate industries. Our domain expertise in this area has resulted in significantly lower operating costs, increased asset utilization and streamlined credit cycles for our esteemed clients.

Our solutions for the projects vertical are focused on:

  • Job Handling

    In the media and digital world, partnerships and alliances are a key strategy for establishing global leadership. In such a scenario, interfacing with diverse technology platforms and getting a holistic view for sales, inventory, financial and distribution information helps key stakeholders remain in charge of their operations.


    Project Planning

    Execution of multi-million dollar projects require a sound and sturdy project plan right from inception to post execution. For a successful project, detailed aspects such as capital creation, revenue collection, infrastructure allocation, resource availability, time and expense management and subcontracting are considered during estimation, scheduling and costing activities.

  • Resource Tracking

    Work break down structures, earned value calculations, milestone recording, billing and utilization ratios assist in efficiently tracking of planned versus actual performance for projects of various sizes. An integrated system saves data entry time and effort and guarantees that accurate and up-to-date information is used to make decisions.

  • Asset Management

    Individual units of work can be bundled into jobs for better management of large scale projects. Job management is simplified by using unique job features in enterprise systems such as support for multiple invoicing modes, flexible procurement options and outsourcing co-ordination.

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