On-Demand Service Providers App


CityServ is a mobile application that provides the customer or user with qualified workers and technicians to get home, pet, and car-related services done wherever and whenever they want with reasonable prices and best quality service. It also offers carpentry, electrician, laundry, etc. services. The customer just needs to register with CityServ by providing the necessary details. There is also one other app for service providers that is “CityServ Provider.” CityServ Provider is an application for providers to offer their service using the CityServ platform. Using this app provider, they can manage their orders by themselves or assign specific orders to their employee. An employee can also log in as an Employee to CityServ provider app to manage and update the designated order’s status.

Client Requirements

Our client believes that home-related and basic service should be readily available to anyone in this smart world. No one wants to waste time or go to find the carpenter or electrician to get services. So the client wanted to connect service providers and customers through an online platform. Our client approached Ndiema Infotech with a fantastic idea, and we turned it into a reality. We developed two apps as per the client requirement: CityServ Customer – for customers and CityServ Provider – for service providers.


CityServ – Customer

Login / Sign up:

  • Sign up with necessary details like name, email, password, and phone number verification.
  • Users can log in with Facebook, Google, or email and password.

Forgot Password

  • OTP will be sent to the user’s mobile number to verified their account.

Forgot Password

  • Enter the email to get the reset password link.


  • List of main and their sub-services

Profile Edit

  • Change user necessary details from the edit profile.


  • Customers can recharge the wallet and see a list of wallet and payment history.

Card List

  • User can view a list of saved cards and delete.

Book Order

  • Customers can view different services and select according to their demand.
  • The app will match providers according to filled details, and it will be listed with their prices.


  • To book order, customers need to select payment methods and book an order:


  • Users can also book quotation based order requests.

Open Ticket Chat

  • Users can open a ticket and connect with admin for their specific order related queries.

My Order

  • Users can manage their orders and see all details of that order with status.


  • Users can get a promotion provided by admin for specific service while booking the order to get a discount.

Received Quote

  • Users can see received quotes from a provider and accept/reject.


  • Users will get notification of each order status update.

Rate & Review

  • Users can give rate and review to the service provider once an order is completed.


  • Users can use this app with English and Arabic language.

Referral Code

  • Users can refer their code to others, and once the user signup with that code, both users will get the referral amount in their wallet defined by admin.


  • About Us, Change Password, FAQs, Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

CityServ – Service Provider


  • Service providers can request a provider from a website. By reviewing the profile, the admin can register it.


  • Service Providers can log in with their ID and password.


  • The provider can view their orders list.
    • Quotation based – List of quotation based orders, a provider can send a quote to a customer.
    • Pending – Provider can accept/reject pending order requests.
    • Accepted – List of the accepted order, a provider, can cancel an order with selecting reason.
    • Completed – List of completed orders.

Quote Sent

  • Service providers can view the list of quotation base service orders in which the quote is sent.


  • The service provider can manage their employees. The service provider can create employees from partner panel.


  • Service providers will be notified about new orders and any order status.

Profile Edit

  • Service providers can change necessary details from the edit profile.


  • Service providers can use this app with English and Arabic language.

Referral Code

  • Service providers can refer their code to others, and once users signup with that code, both users will get the referral amount in their wallet defined by admin.


  • Several orders: The provider can manage the day-wise number of orders.
  • About us, change password, FAQs, terms & conditions & privacy policy.

My Orders

  • Providers can see their order list date wise here with past order history and manage and update that order’s status.

Admin Panel Features:

Employee Management

  • Create, view and edit customer’s details
  • Active/Inactive employee

Form Management

  • Modified form field for two dynamic categories (Electronics and Home Services)
  • Admin can add/edit/delete form field values

Customer Management

  • View and edit customer’s details
  • Active/Inactive customers
  • Manage wallet

Service Provider Management

  • View and edit service provider details
  • Active/Inactive service providers
  • Admin can approve services.
  • Admin can active/inactive provider’s employee.
  • Admin can manage cash order eligibility.

Service Category Management

  • Add/edit services
  • Active/Inactive services

Approval Management

  • Approve/disapprove profile changes of provider and their employees.

Product Management

  • Add new products and update their status.

Sell Management

  • Accept and reject sell device request.

Trouble Ticket Management

  • Provide the solution for the query ticket raised by the customer and update their status too.
  • Promo code ticket Management
  • Create promo code
  • Active/Inactive promo code
  • Assign promo code to users

Application Settings Management

  • Referral value management 
  • Credit card discount management
  • Cancellation charge management 
  • Service charge management

Rating and reject reason management

  • View add and edit reasons
  • Active/Inactive reasons

Rating and reject reason management

  • View add and edit reasons
  • Active/Inactive reasons

Notification Management

  • Send notification to customers
  • Send notification to the provider and their employees

Order Management

  • View all the orders with their status
  • Can search order
  • Admin can change the order status.

Package Management

  • View add and edit packages
  • Active/Inactive packages

Colors & Typography

  • #134b97
  • #f2cb21
  • #78a9d2
  • #000000




Manage Wallet and Credit Card Discount

Managing the amount with wallet and credit card discount set by admin was an intricate task for the team. We did lots of research and analysis to weather these difficulties, and after so many attempts and team discussions, we finally completed that functionality.


  • Android OS Support:

    Android 4.4 to Android 9.0

  • Development:

    Java using Android Studio 3.4

  • iOS OS Support:

    iOS 9.0 to 12.0

  • Development:

    Swift 4.0 using Xcode

Website & Admin Panel
  • Technology:

    PHP, CodeIgniter Framework

  • Database:


  • API:

    REST API in JSON format

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