Migration and Upgrade

Productive Trainings & Upgrades for Growing Organizations


At Ndiema Infotech Limited, our goal is to lead you towards building a productive, multi-functional, global and scalable enterprise. With this aim in mind, our team of learning and development experts will design the most effective end user trainings to simplify product screens, functions, tasks and workflows.

Key features of our user training programs are:

  • Industry, Department and Role focus
  • Comprehensive Training Material
  • Video Conferences, Webinars, Presentations, e-Learning
  • Student Certifications


Our training professionals are well versed with all relevant ERP product features and can help you gain the maximum return on investment (ROI) from your enterprise solutions.

Functional Upgrade

Upgrade Services

Using the latest version of any software helps organizations take advantage of new features and bug fixes from previous versions. Regular updates help in keeping maintenance costs at a minimal and keep IT end-users confident and comfortable with using newer versions as time progresses. At Ndiema Infotech Ltd., we provide upgrade services as follows:

Functional Upgrade

Services to enhance and extend the existing functionality in line with the features available in the new releases.

  • Migration to higher versions of ERP

Technical Upgrade

Services to migrate, fine tune and improve the existing functionality / stability in new releases of software and hardware.

  • Migration from one database to another extended services
  • Migration from one operating system to another
  • Migration of hardware from lower level to a higher-level server
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