From movie making to post production activities, from multi-channel digital distribution to social media campaigns, the media and entertainment industry has adopted the use of technology to the maximum. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, the benefits of ERP solutions in aiding the digital media, learning & education and gaming sectors are unparalleled. Reduction in physical storage space and paperwork are some of the biggest ERP investment paybacks for this industry.

Having worked with the pioneers in this niche industry, the consultants at Godrech have gained significant exposure to the internal and external processes of this business. We also have experience in recommending productivity improvements and standardizing ad-hoc procedures into well defined value generation strategies.

Our solutions for the media & entertainment vertical are focused on

  • Digital Asset Management

    Handling huge volumes of digital assets along with their individual licensing and contract agreements often becomes a time consuming and counterproductive activity for organizations in this segment. To solve this issue, a customized central content management solution is used for tracking digital portfolios. Along with the critical feature of IPR monitoring, the system also provides fast access and retrieval complemented by a systematic and configurable classification scheme.

  • Fund Management

    Efficiently managing forex fluctuations is a big challenge for global media magnates, especially in today’s world where operational boundaries cease to exist. With an ERP solution, customers can avail of automated posting and reconciliation activities that make financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting precise and up to date.


    Information Confidentiality

    A large organization needs to protect itself from the threat of security breaches – whether internal or external. Internal security is maintained through a centralized group and role based model for controlling access to sensitive information. By implementing a well defined access policy, the system ensures that only relevant functions and data are available to end users.

  • Third Party Integration

    In the media and digital world, partnerships and alliances are a key strategy for establishing global leadership. In such a scenario, interfacing with diverse technology platforms and getting a holistic view for sales, inventory, financial and distribution information helps key stakeholders remain in charge of their operations.

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