Fantasy Death Racer

Fantasy Death Racer

Just Fasten Your Seat Belt & Go For The Race


Just as the name suggests, Fantasy Death Racer is a car racing game, but with a great twist in the way, players are scored for their game. It is a unique segment for every age group of game lovers. For beginners, there is an option to choose car type and speed up. You will get lots of barriers in your car racing way, and also you will get a turn to get some more coins. It allows you to test your driving skill and even your ongoing strategy in a race—a fun, entertainment, and exciting game that definitely lights up your mood. So buckle your seat belt and go for the race.


Fantasy Death racer is a car racing game on the Android and iOS platform developed by Ndiema Infotech has managed to reinvent the race scoring method in an entire app. Our CEO thought that who does not love to race! Then why don’t we make such type of game apps? After a team discussion, we decided to develop a game app. We invented the most exciting and addictive racing game. You will get some powers like gun shooting in this game, helicopter for destroying some barriers, boosters, and magnets. The best thing is that more and more you play, more obstacles will come, and you will get more points and break high scores.


Know some exciting features of Fantasy Death Racer Game App By Hyperlink InfoSystem:

  • – An endless driving game with lots of twists & turns
  • – Get coins and grow your inventory
  • – Can buy new car from earned coins
  • – Blossom 3D graphics and beautiful animation effects
  • – Cool sound effect
  • – High score and coin managements
  • – Dynamic powers like magnet, booster, fire weapons, helicopter
  • – Dynamic map generation with lots of twist and barriers
  • – Obstacle avoidance
  • – Dynamic sky with animation
  • – Game for all ages peoples
  • – Landscape orientation
  • – For all ages people
  • – Play without an internet connection as well

Challenges and Solution:

Manage Scores From The Beginning

An application is needed to manage the scores by itself from the start until the end of the game, and store them to the server when the user is crashed in the game. Our developers did some calculations on how many kilometers the car is running by the player.

To Handle Complex UI Structures

Some screens of the particular app had complex UI structures that had to perform efficiently across various devices. We kept a list of supported devices in mind while developing this game app. In some way that an app’s performance is undoubtedly smooth even on devices with lower specifications.

To Make Endless Driving Game

Our developers have created an unlimited driving game with lots of twists and turns. To make this game, our developers have successfully created an endless algorithm and used it.

To Make Highly Detailed Graphics & Animation

Our developers have applied Blossom 3D graphics and some beautiful animation effects to interact users in this game. To use this type of animation is a new thing for our developers. After an in-depth study on computer graphics, they set great animation in the app.


After the team efforts, the developers managed to launch a unique and thriving car racing app. Fantasy Death Racer game is now slowly and steadily winning the user’s heart with its ultimate creation. App users hit the scoreboards with excellent points that are developed with rewards. Now this game is on VR (Virtual Reality), and to play it on Virtual Reality, you will need cardboard that is simply available online.


Android, iOS, and Website Development

Game development Platform: Unity 3D Game Engine

Android OS Support: Android 4 or Above

Android Supported Device: 480×800, 720×1280, 1080×1920, 1440×2560

iOS OS Support: iOS 6 or above

iOS Supported device: iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, iPod, iPad

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