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Maximize Your Revenues & Opportunities


Digital Banking Solution is iOS and Android-based app to deliver the ultimate mobile banking solution. It is the only mobile payment solution app that offers fun and social experience. In this application, you can send money to your friends (individual or in a group) at an actual time without any charges. So, it is the best platform to pay your friends across Argentina. For that, you just need to add money to your Digital wallet through your credit/debit card. You can transfer money from your Digital wallet to any bank in Argentina. This app can help the world go cashless.

Client Requirements

Our client approached us from Argentina to discuss an app idea to help users face cash payment difficulties. He wanted a digital payment solution that allows users to make cashless transactions from their mobile-only, where digital wallets play an essential role. The main agenda of this group is to defeat cash payment problems. He wanted an app for iOS and Android platforms to serve the best digital banking solution and give the power to pay with just one tap. Users can add money in their wallet via any bank credit/debit card and send it to their friends, groups of any social trust. In short, he wanted a convenient, fast, and secure app that maximizes the revenues and opportunities.


An app was designed to serve the digital payment solution. So, it had to be extremely user-friendly, and therefore the user interface is created in a way that required minimal accuracy during the interaction. The user easily understands the app’s layout because of its simplicity. The size of the interactive elements was outstanding and large enough to avoid unnecessary errors. Along with over-sized interactive parts, we also integrated colors, icons, and fonts that figured a lot of intensity for the user experience from a professional perspective. In simple words, the app allows users to understand all functionalities without wasting time. So, they can easily navigate the app and collaborate with other users right way.


Interesting Features Implemented By Us

As per our client’s needs, we developed an app with the following features.



  •  Any user is allowed to register or login through Facebook.
  •  We implemented Sign Up form with all required details like name, last name, contact number, email, username, password.
  •  Add Country Code

Secure Feature

  •  Users are allowed to set 4 digit PIN at the registration time. And in each payment transaction, users must enter this number to make it complete.

View Transaction Details

  •  Each transaction done by the user is displayed on the home page with its likes and comments.

Types of Transaction

  •  In-app, there are five types of the transaction as mentioned below:
    1) Group Transaction
    2) Payment Sent
    3) Payment Receive
    4) Payment Request Sent
    5) Payment Request Received

The different color format on every transaction

  •  When you send a payment request, the transaction amount displays in red color.
  •  When the friend receives and accepts the payment request, the amount displays in Green color.
  •  When someone sends a request for money or any other transaction, it shows in Grey color.

Comment & Like:

  •  Users can like or comment on any payment transaction that displays on their feed.

Add Contacts:

  •  Users can add any other users of the digital banking app as friends.

Invite Friends on social platform:

  •  This app also allows users to invite other people to join a digital wallet for payment.

Group Creation:

  •  You can add your friends to contribute to group transactions and add the total amount as a group admin. The calculation of the amount will be change once any user paid for the group. Once you redeem a group amount, that group will automatically close.

Add Money

  •  Users can add money in their digital wallet through Credit/Debit card.
  •  Mercado Pago payment gateway is used for money transactions.

Extract Money:

  •  This option allows users to transfer all money from digital wallet to their bank account or credit card. To leverage this feature, you just need to add a bank account name, CBU, and CUIL.


  •  Users can update their profile information, their profile password, and four-digit pin for wallet transactions in settings. And users can also find FAQ in this section.

Challenges And Our Solution

Solution:To resolve this issue, our developers created one demo application and implement payment gateway and also done deep research of the whole functionality to implement SDK. After completing all this research, they successfully integrate Mercado Pago payment gateway as per client’s requirement.


Android and iOS

Android OS support:
4.2 to 6.0

Java using Android Studio 2.3

Android Supported Devices:
480×800, 720×1280, 1080×1920, 1440×2560

iOS OS support:
iOs 7.2 to 9.3

Swift using Xcode

iOS Supported:
4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus

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