Big Commerce


BigCommerce Gives You The Freedom To Terminate The Service At Any Time You Wish.

Why BigCommerce Can Help Your E-commerce Website Survive Competition

When you opt to use a BigCommerce Store, you gain some features that will help you in the e-commerce world. For example, your online store will look attractive to any demographic because BigCommerce offers a range of store themes that you can choose between and HTML/CSS based interface that you can customize as you wish. BigCommerce can make your e-commerce marketing campaign stronger by offering you necessary marketing tools (such as newsletters, coupons and promo campaigns). Because your store will be designed at the start for better search engine rankings, you may be pleased to find that you do get higher rankings after the switch to BigCommerce. Another great aspect is that you will not have to pay for hidden fees even as you are given access to multiple features that will help in e-commerce.
With other e-commerce solutions, you are really on your own as you try to learn how to apply their features to your business. BigCommerce offers you a special team of experts called the Success Squad that can assist you in this. Plus you also have the option of hiring Ndiema Infotech to speed up adaptation to BigCommerce. Before you launch your store, after you have launched your store, as you market your products and services, and as you experience a spike in sales – you have the Success Squad and Ndiema Infotech watching your back for you so that business does not falter.
With the BigCommerce system, you can literally sell anything you wish through your online store but still be able to raise sales to the right target market. You can choose the right business plan for your e-commerce needs, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum to Diamond. Each plan will charge you a monthly fee starting at $24.95 per month for the Bronze plan and max out at $299.95 per month for the Diamond plan. Take note that there are no transaction fees that will give you a nasty surprise plus you can always check out the service for a free trial period of 15 days. When you do decide to make the big switch to BigCommerce, be sure to have the right credit cards ready to pay for your plan (acceptable cards are JCB, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa). You won’t need to sign a contract because you are only charged for the month – this gives you the freedom to terminate the service at any time you wish. 
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